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This Fee Schedule (“Fees)” together with any appendices or schedule, as amended from time to time define the basis on which DMA Link Limited (“we” or “us”) will collect fees from party listed on the signature page (“you” or “Participant”) of the Participant Agreement.

Current Fees are set out on our website at www.definitymarkets/fees.


DMA Link Limited operates its digital assets platform under the brand DeFinity Markets (“DeFinity”).

Platform Participants and Users

Current Fees effective 1 December 2023

The below Fees are applicable to consumers of liquidity subscribing to bids and offers and submitting orders.
The User acknowledges and accepts that We may collect a Spread on each digital assets and foreign exchange order executed by the User on the Platform. From time to time We may agree to invoice the User. When an invoice is issued, the User agrees to pay the invoice without deductions within 14 days from the date of the invoice. The invoice amount will be set according to average monthly trading volume and must be agreed in writing between the User and Us. 

If a User is using a third party vendor to connect to Us, and the vendor charges fees to Us for its services, We may in its sole discretion add those costs to User fees.

In case of an issued invoice, the total volume in United States dollar equivalent notional value for all Transactions executed by User in any calendar month shall be calculated by Us following the end of each calendar month. Both parties acknowledge and agree that (a) We shall convert all amounts to United States Dollars using a commercially reasonable exchange rate; (b) fees may be reviewed and changed upon the mutual agreement between Us and User in writing signed by both parties amending the Schedule; (c) if either party decide to terminate this Agreement for any reason, User affirm that any Fees due and payable are at Users sole obligation and must be paid in accordance with the payment terms noted above; and (d) any Transaction executed by User is an acknowledgement of, and consent, to the fees and terms and conditions set forth herein.

In addition to volume fees, a session fee per API connection (“Session Fee”) may also apply. A Session Fee of $750/month is payable for each API session that is active, or becomes active, during a calendar month. Notwithstanding the foregoing (a) any connection that has transacted a minimum of $10 million during the calendar month shall not be subject to Session Fee; or (b) to cater for multiple connections, Session Fee shall be waived on the number of connections to which a minimum average of $10 million transacted per calendar month may be allocated; or (c) Session Fee shall not apply to connections within ninety (90) days of first activation.

We do not impose fees to providers of liquidity streaming bids and offers on an anonymous basis to takers where a daily net settlement credit line is made available on the platform. For the avoidance of doubt, where pre-funding is requested by the market maker, We may elect to charge our standard fees as outlined below. 

Transaction Fees (Digital Assets and/or fiat)
10 basis points 

Integration and Platform Fees

Participating Financial Institutions (PFI)
This applies to Institutions who have executed the DeFinity Markets PFI Agreement issuing centrally managed credit to underlying PFI clients. 

Transaction Fees
$0.00 per million USD

Integration and Platform Fees

Credit GUI Technology Fees

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